Pair Programming

Become a better programmer with a pair

What is Pair Programming?

Programming with someone else is called “pair programming” and it is super fun. Code produced via pair programming is usually of better quality, is more fun to write, and gets you learning more pro tips from fellow programmers.

While you can pair program with someone next to you, it’s also totally possible to pair program with someone on the other side of the world! This is called “remote pair programming”.

Get started right now in 3 easy steps

  1. Take a look at who’s already tweeting with the #pairwithme hashtag – look below for an example.
  2. Reply to one of them or write a new tweet with the #pairwithme hashtag.
  3. Work on a project together.
Some pro-tips: If you’ve got 60 minutes free, reach out to someone and get programming.

Here’s a list of friendly people interested in pair programming:

Let people know you're interested in pairing:

Simply send a tweet using the hashtag #pairwithme to show people you're interested in pairing. Here's an example tweet:

I’m looking for someone to hack on Ruby with! #pairwithme

Make pairing easier with the following tools: